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We are fortunate to have so many inspirational people in our industry who work tirelessly to create a better community and a better industry. Which is why we honor those who have supported others each year at the Electronics Reuse Conference. But we would like your help… Nominate someone from the industry who inspires you. The nominations are reviewed by a panel of previous winners and the awards will be announced at the ERC Awards Reception each year.

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About the awards:

The ERC Hall of Fame: Jim Lynch Award

In recognition of selfless service to the Electronics Reuse Industry and those whose livelihoods depend on it, each year we proudly welcome one or more individuals to the ERC Hall of Fame. Named after the Co-Founder of what would eventually become the Electronics Reuse Conference, Jim Lynch Award winners represent the very best among us; those who set the example for what an E-Reuse professional should aspire to be.

The ERC Innovation Award

The ERC Innovation Award recognizes individuals whose commitment to shattering norms and thinking outside the box has had a positive impact on the Electronics Reuse Industry, and the individuals and businesses who are part of it, whether in the areas of business, technology, or beyond.

the ERC Newcomer Award

The ERC Newcomer Award recognizes recent additions to the E-Reuse Industry who quickly come to represent the attitude and character that we want to define our community.  Newcomer Award winners demonstrate personal and professional character and maturity extending beyond their own experience.




Jim Lynch

Jim Lynch co-founded the International Computer Refurbisher Summit in 2003, the foundation for what is now the Electronics Reuse Conference. The purpose of the show has always been to bring the industry together to share best practices, talk through the hard stuff and to network. Jim also started and runs the Refurbishers List online community. Over his long career at TechSoup, Jim has created all of TechSoup’s environmental programs, most of which involve electronics refurbishment. He has been interviewed extensively over the years by the Wall St. Journal, National Public Radio, PC World Magazine, and many other news outlets.  As an instrumental figure in our industry, Jim Lynch is our first ERC Hall of Fame member!


Frances Fawcett - Jim Lynch (Hall of Fame) Award

Frances was instrumental in developing and supporting the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher for over 10 years.  She spent countless hours helping and coaching refurbishers all over the world to improve their operations. She has experience in both large global corporations and running a small business, which makes her uniquely qualified and an instrumental figure in the growth of many refurbishers all over the world.


Pat Furr - Jim Lynch (Hall of Fame) Award

Pat Founded Computers for Classrooms in 1991, a volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to closing the digital divide by refurbishing donated computers and making them available to schools, low-income families, and other non-profit. She is always available to answer a question or provide input to help the people who make up our industry.  She lead the charge to become the first non-profit in the world to be R2 Certified. Pat’s devotion and passion cannot be matched and our industry would not be the same without her; she is an inspiration to us all.

Willie Cade - Jim Lynch (Hall of Fame) Award


Willie Cade co-founded the International Computer Refurbisher Summit in 2003 alongside Jim Lynch.  In 2010, Willie hired his daughter Sarah to run and grow the event, which eventually became the E-Reuse Conference.  In addition to 13 years of involvement with ERC, Willie ran a computer refurbishing operation for 17 years, started in his basement, and eventually employed over 300 ex-offenders, refurbished over 150,000 devices and was a part of countless efforts to advance the industry.  If it wasn’t for his vision, determination and sacrifice, ERC could not have continued to serve the industry today, and his nomination by fellow inductees is a testament to his service to the industry.



Ryan McDowell, Bob Townley & Richard Quernon - Jim Lynch (Hall of Fame) Award

Community Computer Connection is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to changing lives through technology. They supply affordable computers and equipment to non-profits, schools and low income communities. Ryan, Bob and Richard have each made countless contributions to the industry over the years. They are always willing to lend a helping hand or offer advice when a fellow Refurbisher is in need.



Nancy Jo Craig - Jim Lynch (Hall of Fame) Award

Nancy Jo has been the Executive Director of Capital Area Corporate Recycling Council (CACRC) in New Orleans, LA since 2004. She is responsible for the development, implementation, and administration of CACRC’s program of work and works with the Board and staff to develop long-range strategies. As a member of the R2 Advisory committee, she helped fight for the Refurbisher and non-profit interests during the upgrade to R2:2013. Nancy Jo has been through it all and still manages to tirelessly support our industry.



Sean Nicholson - Jim Lynch (Hall of Fame) Award

Sean’s dedication to the Microsoft Refurbisher programs is unmatched. Sean spent over 10 years working in Microsoft building and refining the Microsoft Register Refurbisher Program and the Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher Program.  His innovation and dedication to helping Refurbishers worldwide has been inspirational and our industry would not be where it is today without him. Sean has since moved into the humanitarian field, and while we hope this award will help say thank you, we know it cannot match what he has given us.



Kyle Wiens  - Jim Lynch (Hall of Fame) Award

Kyle Wiens founded iFixit, the free repair manual, in 2003. He’s dedicated his life to defeating the second law of thermodynamics, a battle fought in the courtroom as often as in the workshop. The right to repair campaign has, so far, successfully legalized cell phone unlocking and tractor repair.  Kyle’s devotion to protecting consumers’ right to repair is unmatched, and his efforts have greatly benefited the repair and refurbishing industry in a very real way.



Charles Brennick - Jim Lynch (Hall of Fame) Award

Charles founded and ran InterConnection for 18 years.  During that time he worked with NGOs and development organizations to sell over 100,000 computers to non-profit organizations, NGOs and schools in over 30 countries. To say Charles is passionate and devoted is an understatement. His contribution to the industry, especially the non-profits has been inspirational and critical.


Robin Ingenthron - Jim Lynch (Hall of Fame) Award

Robin is the founder of Good Point Recycling, and the Fair Trade Recycling movement, a progressive, cooperative organization promoting best practices in reuse and recycling in emerging markets.

Robin believes that the amount of money society will make available to improve the environment is finite, and believes regulation of the free market must be done wisely and sparingly. He always sees people for what they can do, not for what they cannot do, and we’re proud to welcome him to the ERC Hall of Fame.


Shauna McCaffrey.jpg

Shauna L. MacCaffrey, MBA - Jim Lynch (Hall of Fame) Award

Shauna L. McCaffrey is the Executive Director of RCT, a non-profit that has provided over 575,000 computers to low income families, schools and charities.  Shauna believes that every individual has the right to become a digital citizen.  Shauna brings her private sector experience to empower individuals & social organizations with equal access to technology and youth with first work experience in IT. 

Shauna is the first Canadian to be awarded CTAM’s TAMI, Innovator & Communicator Awards in her previous career in the marketing and strategy fields in the cable/telecom industry.  She is truly honored to be recognized with the ERC Hall of Fame Award amongst great industry leaders.

Lane Epperson - Jim Lynch (Hall of Fame) Award

Lane was cofounder and CEO of HiTech Assets.  His vision for the industry went far beyond the issues of today or even next year, actively engaging in battles in DC on behalf of reuse – including cellphone unlocking, DMCA, right to repair, right to resell, and fighting for rational laws for the industry.  An advocate for sustainability and worker health & safety, he was a strong supporter of both R2 and RIOS certifications.

Lane was a man of great faith and integrity.  He was a dear friend to many and was dedicated to his family.  Although Lane passed away in 2018, he would want the reuse community to continue his legacy of advocacy in securing the future for electronics reuse and recycling.


Michael Oberdick - Innovation Award

Michael has spent 13 years of his life in retail, customer service, and IT.  Starting at the age of 12 by tinkering with electronics, his passion brought him to the wireless industry, and ultimately lead to the opening of iOutlet; a chain of retail stores focusing on Pre-Owned Apple Devices as well as Electronics Repair.  Finding a lack of services for the small repair shop owner, Michael developed businesses that cater to these entrepreneurs; Device Renew, Elevate Supply, and No Limits Creative.  Michael joined the Right to Repair board in 2017 to fight for consumer rights.

Robert Miranda - Newcomer Award

Robert is an entrepreneur and the founder of SmarTeks LLC with energy, a solid record of accomplishments and an extensive involvement in his industry. He believes in utilizing his skills to develop his company, people, and repair products with aim of making them last longer while saving money and ensuring they operate smoothly. Robert started his journey at the tender age of 13 and never looked back to accomplish the pursuit of happiness. His ability to love failure and readiness to learn in his field has allowed his success and his title, the “new comer” in industry.