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Conference Agenda

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Here are the results of the survey and what will be included on the eRC 2018 Agenda.

  • A panel discussion about a business owner's weaknesses and how to address them

  • A practical means for assessing circular economic value of an ICT product

  • Accessorizing and buybacks

  • Accounting and Finance basics- how to know when to open your second store and more

  • Advertising and promoting computer sales and repairs on Facebook, Google, twitter, and other social media

  • Amazon's newly launched Certified Refurbished program

  • Best practices for reconditioning Apple products

  • Best practices for Windows PC refurbishing/resale

  • Blockchain for Used Electronics: How blockchain is revolutionizing supply chains around the world, and how it can be applied to our industry.

  • Deployment methods for installation of a Windows OS on a reconditioned PC

  • Downstream commodity realities and what refurbishers/ITADs can do about it.

  • Hard testing best practices: Software for testing smart phones and iPhones problems, Best free and paid for software for testing bad sectors on hard drives.

  • Hiring and keeping people

  • How can I add accessories to increase my sales

  • How to encourage refurbishment and reuse of or parts recovery from consumer devices.

  • How to ensure chain of custody and status of electronic assets.

  • How to get school and corporate contracts

  • How to handle lithium ion batteries

  • How to scale - what should you repair and what should you stay away from?

  • How will GDPR affect your business?

  • How you can get engaged with right to repair

  • Investments in the refurbishment industry - both sides perspective

  • OEMs, the Right to Repair, and how to reconcile the two to benefit your business.

  • operational excellence in the ITAD environment

  • Product value assessments/ideologies behind competitive pricing

  • R2 Refurbishment - how to perform testing and repair in conformance with the R2 Standard.

  • Smart and iPhone repair basics "how to" suggestions.

  • The ins and outs of the Microsoft Refurbisher Program

  • The different types of NAID Certifications

Check out our schedule at a glance below. We will end early on the 31st so you can decide to stay in Nashville to celebrate Halloween or head home to your little goblins!

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