Building Brand Legitimacy: The Argument for Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Systems

Sunday Oct 28th, 1pm - 4pm

Ryman 1

Free - Conference Registration Required

Presented in three independent one-hour sessions, this program is designed to provide all of the information that a facility needs to understand the value, implementation requirements, and certification process for QEHS management systems. Whether you attend one hour, or all three, you will find value and be more prepared for your management system journey—whether it is being done to meet the R2 Provision 1 requirement, or simply to improve your business’ operations.

The first hour will focus on the value of the management system. Why do business go through the process, what value do they see, what resources are required, and what changes should they expect? Our panel of experts will answer all of these questions, share their experiences, and discuss how management systems fit within the repair and reuse space.

The second hour is all about the how-to. We will look at what is required, how it’s accomplished, and the panel will provide nuanced examples of key requirements that are found in nearly all management systems.

Finally, the panel will discuss the certification process. While management systems provide facilities all of the environmental and health and safety benefits even without certification, there is huge marketing potential in a QEHS management system certification. Customers and suppliers place huge value on quality assurance, and on the peace of mind that comes with having processes and operations verified by a third party. In this hour, we cover all of the steps that go into that process.